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Today's ride is ON

Good morning, riders!

Well, surprise surprise. The morning radar indicates that a few scattered light showers are indeed spinning off our coast this morning, and the official forecast has been changed to include a slight chance of getting a little bit wet today -- but only barely, since no significant measurable rain is called for. However, AccuWeather still calls for a rain-free day ... so it could still be dry for us.

Either way, our ride is on. You'll probably want to dress appropriately -- I'll be bringing my rain booties, just in case. One good thing about all the cloud cover this morning: It's a bit warmer than predicted, 50 degrees pre-sunrise, so really cold temperatures won't be a problem.

Don't forget our hour-earlier meet time ... see you in downtown Mountain View at 8:00 a.m. Please be on time so that we can ride out on schedule.

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