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They'd never close Edgewood Road ... would they?

Here's an interesting item from Tuesday's Roadshow column in the Mercury News:
Q San Mateo County has been managing the slow erosion on the uphill side of Edgewood Road near Interstate 280 for years rather than going to the expense of retaining it. Now much of the dirt around a very large boulder near the top has washed away and it looks ready to roll down the hill and flatten everything in its path. What does the county say about this?
Charles Gillet
A County road officials have monitored this large rock outcropping for years. It is located near the Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve, which supports more than 500 species of plants, three of which are federally listed as endangered or threatened. As a result, the county is restricted to maintenance work it can do within this area. So far, there has been no significant movement of the rock, even though the slope continues to crumble along Edgewood. If it becomes a bigger hazard, the county will take measures to either close the road or remove the rock.

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