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This Saturday's ride: Just a little bit easier

I've made a slight change to the description for this Saturday's ride to Coyote Valley: The climb up Pierce Road no longer is part of the ride.

Why? The series of four consecutive climbs -- Mount Eden, Pierce, Kennedy, and Camden -- is a bit much for some riders, most notably myself. When I did the first three of these climbs in a row yesterday, I was unable to maintain a Cat-3 pace (12+ mph) over the first 21 miles of our scheduled route, so it's unfair of me to require that everyone else do so.

The distance is about the same, and the overall total climbing is about the same -- we just get to Saratoga a tiny bit more gently this way. Don't worry; there's still plenty of climbing to be had, and at a smidgen over 80 miles, this ride will be a formidable mid-season challenge, roughly comparable in difficulty to Day 1 of ALC9.

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