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Today's ride is ON

Good morning, riders! We are going to try to ride our Rainy Alternate route today.

As of 6:20 a.m., the cold front is between San Mateo (where it's raining and 43 degrees) and Mountain View (where it's cloudy and 53 degrees). Although the radar image shows a large area of precipitation just beginning to move onshore around San Francisco and Pacifica, observations indicate that the rainfall is light to moderate, not heavy.

If you're considering attempting the full 58 miles (or even 82 miles) today, here's a hint: Bring a second set of cycling gear (jersey, jacket, socks) with you to Mountain View. We'll be passing close by our parking lot at Mile 24 and Mile 44, and if you're getting wet and miserable, you can change out of some or all of your wet gear.

Of course, if conditions worsen, your ride leaders might decide to close the route, either at one of the two bailout points, or (if there's an immediate threat to safety) at any point along the route. Please pay close attention to our leaders and SAG drivers today.

Also, it's extremely important today that everyone sign out or otherwise let us know when they're done riding, no matter when that happens ... at 24 miles, 44 miles, or any other time. We need to account for everybody at the end of the day!

See you in Mountain View at 8:30 a.m.