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Saturday morning: Please be respectful

As I write this on Friday night, the monthly San Jose Bike Party ride is just getting under way, and this month's route passes through the heart of Mountain View in both directions, sending thousands of cyclists through the area, probably continuing long into the night, most likely with some type of police presence. So, when we meet tomorrow morning before 6:30 a.m. -- next door to the police station, incidentally -- another group of cyclists is probably the last thing that some folks -- including the police -- will want to see.

When you arrive in the morning, please be extra courteous and extra quiet. And when we depart on the nearby residential streets at 7 a.m., it is absolutely imperative that we obey all traffic laws and additional ALC rules precisely. Remember that when you're wearing any type of ALC gear, you're an ambassador for AIDS/LifeCycle, and our reputation -- and the millions of dollars that our beneficiaries rely upon -- depends on your proper behavior.


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