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Crystal Springs Dam update

Good news for ALC9: Demolition of the Crystal Springs Dam will not begin until August, meaning that we will not need to take a long and hilly detour this year. The Chronicle reports:
Peninsula bikers and drivers face nearly three years of detours when a popular section of Skyline Boulevard is shut down this summer to clear the way for improvements to the 122-year-old Crystal Springs Dam.

To make it possible to work on the dam, the narrow, aging bridge above the dam is slated to be demolished in August, closing Skyline Boulevard just south of Crystal Springs Road. Cyclists and motorists who use the scenic two-lane road as it runs alongside the Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir will be forced to take a long, steep detour to get to the other side of the dam.

That detour happens to be mostly what we did Saturday for Day on the Ride: down Crystal Springs, then back up Polhemus all the way to Highway 92, and then down a bike path to meet CaƱada Road, and back to Highway 92.


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