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Picture test

Yes, that is a live peacock in the middle of the road, taken north of Pescadero earlier this year on my test ride of Stage Road for our wet-fated San Gregorio training ride.

Why is this photo here? Because I'm testing my ability to post cellphone pictures directly into this blog, so you can see samples of life on the road next week. Thing is, I posted this photo about three hours ago, and nothing happened. Then it just sort of magically showed up ... along with all of the other (since-deleted) test postings that I did.

So it looks like I can post cellphone pics, as long as you don't mind waiting a little bit to see them. I'm also able to post email text and SMS messages, and I'll have a link where you can send text messages directly to my cellphone on the road (although I'll be checking messages only infrequently, like once a day).

No voice postings this year, though. Sorry!

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uak said...

Perhaps check your caching settings.