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Look for another change on Day 3

For the past three years, ALC has used North River Road to travel between San Miguel and Paso Robles. That might not be possible this year.

A major pipeline project is under way along North River Road and has closed part of the road. According to the latest update from the contractor, "North River Road is closed from the Hwy. 46 overpass, north to the Paso Robles city limits," and work is not expected to be complete until June.

Fortunately, there's another way into Paso Robles. That way is U.S. 101, which is an expressway but not a freeway for nearly all of the 5 miles between the two towns. This part of 101 is in fairly good shape, unlike the part just before San Miguel. This, in fact, was the route used during ALC4.

Me? I never did like North River Road. The pavement was in poor condition, there were tight, narrow curves that were hazardous in traffic, and there was always a little stretch where the wind suddenly shifted from a nice tailwind to a butt-ugly headwind. This is one change that, if true, I'm actually looking forward to.

As always, my rantings are pure speculation and have no official imprimatur from ALC.

Photo: Entering North River Road in San Miguel during ALC7

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