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Ride report: Loop around the South Bay (12/13/2009)

Despite the light shower that moved through Mountain View right before ride-out time, we were extremely fortunate to be totally rain-free on today's 41-mile ride. The four brave riders who took a chance were rewarded with fresh air, low traffic ... and a small flood! The bicycle approach to the eastbound Dumbarton Bridge was under more than a foot of water, and we had to take a long walk along a very muddy levee to get around it, thus fouling our shoes and our bicycles.

Although the skies looked threatening all day long, we somehow managed to be in exactly the right place at the right time, as showers that were to the west of us magically disappeared and then reappeared to our east. But because of the wet pavement, our bicycles all were considerably dirty at the end -- I've already cleaned mine; be sure to clean yours.

This was my last official ride of 2009. I'll be back on Jan. 9 with the beginning of the Cat-3 Distance Training rides. Between now and then, I'll be planning those rides, and I might show up at some of the other rides happening around the area.

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