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Poetry corner

This poem is by Megan Mendivil, daughter of my ALC cyclist representative, Russ Mendivil, who is the author of The Ride: How to Ride Your Bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles Without Even Dying.

It's the week before Christmas
All your shopping is done
You are ready for presents
You are ready for fun

During this season
You probably think
About all that you have
And how life doesn't stink

You might think about family
Your nino and nina
Your crazy aunt Mildred
And drunk cousin Tina

Or your mom and your dad
And your sisters and brothers
But have you considered
Doing something for others?

I have an idea
For you to help out
To make a big difference
Without any doubt

You could make a dontion
Help stop HIV
Help people with AIDS
Support ALC

I will be riding
My bike to LA
June 6th through the 12th
It's a really long way

Please visit my webpage
It's listed below
And make a donation
Give some holiday dough.

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