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Probably our last year at Franklin and Evelyn

Venturing somewhat off-topic from the world of cycling, this report from this morning's Mercury News is nonetheless important because, if these plans go as predicted, we're going to lose our longtime meeting spot:
Addressing neighborhood concerns about a proposed downtown affordable housing complex appeared to be a priority of the Mountain View City Council on Tuesday, as council members discussed design plans for the 51-unit apartment building at Franklin Street and Evelyn Avenue.

Council members picked the city-owned site at 135 Franklin St. in 2006 to develop as low-income rental housing for families. Last year, they chose Santa Clara-based ROEM Development Corp. to build the one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments and operate them under a long-term ground lease.

... After several more public meetings beginning in February, final approval on the project is scheduled for May 25.

Housing is, of course, more important than parking, and I'm not saying it's wrong ... just that I'll need to find a new place for us to meet in Mountain View starting next summer.

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