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The $19 video show

I suppose it's some mark of progress that a reasonably full-featured color video camera is now sold as a $19 Disney-branded "toy." In my ongoing quest to chronicle the AIDS/LifeCycle experience, I recently plunked down the $19 to see just how far we've come.

The answer is that we've come quite far. This little box is smaller than a 3x5 index card and delivers full-size video with crisp color. It's not perfect (for $19, it's not expected to be), but it's certainly serviceable.

So, for a test, I attached the camera to my headlight bracket, mounted it on my handlebar, and took off for a short ride into nearby Shoreline Park and into Palo Alto. I've sped up the video by approximately 6x (and I've reduced the image size for uploading to YouTube, so don't try to watch it full-screen), so the lack of image stabilization is noticeable, but other than that, it's amazing what a tiny little box stuck to the front of a bicycle will do these days.

If you're from here, you can use this as a guide to navigate through the twisty mess of unsigned/unmarked trails in Shoreline. If you're not from here, this is an example of what's available just 1.5 miles from my front door ... and in mid-December, at that. Watch out for the ducks!

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