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Quadrophenia #7: Montebello (4/4/2015)

Date: Saturday, April 4
Meet time: 8:30 a.m. Earlier meet time!
Ride-out time: 9:00 a.m.
Meeting place: Stevenson Elementary School, 750 San Pierre Way (map)
City: Mountain View
Rain policy: Rain cancels
Pace: 2 - moderate pace (10-12 mph)
Terrain: 4 - some steep hills; one long climb
Miles: 58

So far this season, all of our climbs have been relatively short. Today, that changes. Montebello Road rises from Stevens Canyon on a climb of 5.2 miles to a top elevation of about 2,560 feet. (That's just about as high as Mount Tamalpais!) But you can think of it as three separate climbs. The first two miles average 9% and are moderately challenging. The next mile averages only 3% and offers some relief. The final two miles average only 8%, but there are a few very steep (double-digit) pitches on the way to an epic dead end with amazing views of the valley. Your reward for all that climbing? An epic 5.2-mile descent, but watch out for wildlife, oncoming traffic, and debris.

But if Montebello were our only destination of the day, that wouldn't be a very long ride. So we've packed today's ride with a few extra bonus climbs both before and after Montebello. We've got the backside of Pierce Road from Highway 9 to the Mountain Winery (the easier direction), and the backside of Mount Eden (OK, not so easy). We'll finish with a reprise of West Loyola Drive, Barley Hill, Quinnhill Road and Valley View Drive ... but they're at the end of the ride this time, and you might notice some difference in how you feel about them!

Ride With GPS reports about 4,300 feet of climbing for this ride. Toilets and water are available nearby at Stevenson Park; Safeway and Jack In The Box are a half-mile away at Shoreline Blvd.

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