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If you thought Saturday was hilly

Here's a route sheet from deep in my archives: the 2006 Le Tour de Menlo Half-Century. This was without a doubt the most challenging and painful half-century I've ever done, and if you're an advanced cyclist looking for a different local challenge on the Peninsula, this is the one for you. I've not felt the need to repeat this route in the past five years, although some of the pieces will be familiar to Peninsula ALCers.

This route has three very steep climbs that put Westridge to shame, not to mention countless other moderate climbs. In fact, I even had trouble keeping my balance on one of them! It's about 5,000 feet of climbing, so it's roughly like doing the second half of last weekend's ride twice in a row, but even steeper.

Again, this is for advanced cyclists only. If you don't know what you're doing on steep climbs or descents, this route can be dangerous, so be responsible. And because of the Crystal Springs dam closure, you'll need to improvise around the closure -- just go up Bunker Hill (ouch!) and then back down, or skip it entirely.

Here's the link to the route sheet (PDF).

See ... our rides are easy by comparison!

P.S.: For laughs, here's a ride report from that day by another rider, where my third-from-last time on the hill climbs is preserved for all to see for eternity.