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SAG on our next two rides

Here's some good news about our final two South Bay training rides for Seismic Challenge 2.0: We'll have a SAG (support and gear) vehicle on the road with us to provide emergency assistance if anything goes wrong.

For those of you who haven't had a SAG vehicle on a training ride before, the vehicle generally cruises the route and visits the rest stops along the way, looking for riders in need of assistance. The SAG vehicle usually has spare tubes, an air pump, and some emergency food and water, and sometimes other items as well. If your bike suffers a mechanical failure and isn't rideable, the SAG vehicle often can take you someplace where you can wait to be picked up by a friend, to a nearby bike shop if a repair can be made quickly, to a transit station, or sometimes back to our meeting point in Mountain View. This is similar to (but not exactly the same as) the type of SAG service you'll encounter during the ride in October. But please, view the assistance from a SAG vehicle as a bonus and not something to be expected. The SAG crew doesn't receive any compensation for driving or supplies, so please be nice to them and thank them for their help.

Giant thanks to Dennis and Taryl for being our volunteer SAG crew!

Photo: A scene from the route of our upcoming Sept. 20 ride, taken earlier this year when we did the same ride for AIDS/LifeCycle. (Photo by Susan Fish)

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