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I'm back

Hey, it's still summertime, but I'm back. Why in blazes am I back?

Well, I'm trying something new this year. I'm going to help lead a small set of training rides for this year's Seismic Challenge, another fundraiser for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. The ride takes place in mid-October and is two days, 200 miles around the Bay Area. I won't be doing the actual ride, though; my donors are all tapped out for now. (You're welcome.)

The rides begin very soon ... next Saturday, July 11, in fact! We'll have eight rides every other Saturday through October 3, all leaving from our usual spot in downtown Mountain View, and increasing in distance from about 35 to 80 miles. Most of the rides will be similar to the ones we did earlier this year, but I'll be running them at a slower Cat-2 (10-12 mph) pace. (As always, faster riders are welcome, but you might be ahead of the leaders.)

You do not have to be a Seismic Challenge rider to take part; ALC riders and veterans are more than welcome. The Seismic Challenge safety and riding rules are the same as for ALC.

I'll start posting rides and RSVP links here shortly, as soon as I finalize details about other co-leaders, meeting times, and such. But save the dates.

I'm also leading some rides for Different Spokes San Francisco; you'll see a July 19 entry up there in the listing. All are welcome on DSSF rides, too.

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