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Hot weather is on the way

Looks like this Saturday's ride could see the hottest temperatures so far this year.

We'll be riding through south San Jose, where temps generally are a few degrees warmer than in Mountain View, and early forecasts suggest that we'll be seeing the mid-80s during the day while we ride through that part of town.

In hot weather, it's vitally important that you drink enough water and replenish your electrolytes. Not enough water, and you could face dehydration. But too much water, and you could face hyponatremia, which is equally dangerous. So yes, like so many other things, here is another important area that you must manage while riding.

Use this weekend's ride to observe how your body reacts to the heat, and use these lessons to adjust your nutrition and fluid intake so that you'll do even better in June when it's 95 degrees as we ride into Paso Robles at the end of Day 3.

And if you haven't RSVP'd for Saturday's ride yet, find out more here.

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