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Transportation projects in the Bay Area

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has released its proposal of projects for the next 25 years, "which specifies how some $218 billion in anticipated federal, state and local transportation funds will be spent in the nine-county Bay Area." Today's edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal has an article about this report, but it only gives passing mention to some projects that might be of great interest to bicyclists.

One such project includes the addition of a second uphill lane on Highway 92 from I-280 to the summit at Highway 35 -- the traditional major climb of Day 1 of ALC. Other interesting things I found in scanning the 46 pages of projects include conversion of Willow Road to an expressway from Highway 101 to Highway 84. There are hundreds of projects listed, and I suspect you'll find a pet project of yours somewhere in there.

Of course, how much of this actually becomes reality is anyone's guess.

On a related note, if you're looking for hours of nerdy reading enjoyment, I refer you to the MTC's 2009 regional bicycle plan. If you want to skip the words and get right to the pretty pictures, the maps begin on Page 39 of the PDF.

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