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30,000 miles of bicycling

With today's 54-mile ride (a test ride for next month's DSSF Dublin-Concord ride), I've now exceeded 30,000 miles of bicycling since June 1, 2004, the day I officially re-entered semi-serious cycling with the purchase of my previous bike.

Although I guess 30,000 miles makes me "serious," the numbers confirm that I'm not really all that special when it comes to riding. Since June 1, 2004, I have bicycled on 855 days, and I've kept a far-too-detailed log of every ride. (On the rare occasions where I did two separate rides on the same day, I counted them as one ride.)

How long were my rides? Usually not all that long!

Distance# of rides% of ridesCumulative %
1-10 miles172.0%2.0%
11-20 miles25830.2%32.2%
21-30 miles19122.3%54.5%
31-40 miles15117.7%72.2%
41-50 miles748.7%80.8%
51-60 miles394.6%85.4%
61-70 miles536.2%91.6%
71-80 miles252.9%94.5%
81-90 miles151.8%96.3%
91-100 miles131.5%97.8%
101-110 miles161.9%99.6%
111-120 miles10.1%99.8%
121-130 miles10.1%99.9%
131-140 miles10.1%100.0%

Mean ride length: 34.8 miles
Median ride length: 28 miles

In fact, I think it's precisely those mid-length rides that are the best for me. They generally don't do crazy things to my metabolism afterwards, which is still quite the issue for me on the very long rides. (How else can one explain gaining so much weight while riding 30,000 miles? A new study released last week talked about such things.) In fact, a whole 7.1% of my total miles in the past five years have been during the weeks of AIDS/LifeCycle!

And although I've broken the magical 200-kilometer barrier exactly twice, I've still not had the opportunity or the motivation to even attempt the next step, a 300-km ride. That demands an entirely different level of commitment and training, not to mention really good lighting.

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