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Saturday's route appears to be set

I've been up in Los Altos Hills every evening for the past few days, trying to keep tabs on which streets are torn up, which ones have shiny new pavement, and which ones aren't going to be touched. And it looks like I've come up with a good route that's immune from construction problems.

It's only half a mile longer than the original route, and it's only got about 120 extra feet of climbing. There's an extra bonus, though -- from the top of our last hill of the day, there are absolutely amazing views of the valley and bay that I'd never seen before, even though we'll only be about 600 feet up. Bring your camera!

Just to be safe, however, I'm not publishing this route sheet in advance, just in case I have to change something else at the last minute. Never fear, though; I'll bring enough route sheets for everyone.

But here is one important tip for you. This ride has a lot of turns and special instructions. In fact, the route sheet is completely full. I highly recommend that you use a map holder like this one (the one that I use), binder clips, or some other type of handlebar-mounted device. You'll need to refer to your route sheet often, and you can't always assume that there will be someone nearby to warn you of a turn. This is a useful accessory that will serve you well on other training and club rides.

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