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You need to train in the heat

Now that I've been away from Fresno for a year, my body has become less accustomed to the ridiculously hot temperatures of the Central Valley. I was reminded of this today when I went out for a ride in a "mere" 82 degrees.

Your body works different in the heat. You need to prepare for this.

Why? Hot temperatures are very likely during ALC every year, and temperatures above 90 degrees are not at all uncommon. Your body reacts to the heat in a way that's unique to you, but common things include a much greater demand for fluid and electrolytes -- and the very real risk of heat stroke.

Short of taking a trainer into a sauna for a few hours, there's no real way to experience hot-weather cycling other than by actually doing it. To that end, I highly recommend that you find at least one or two "hot-weather" training rides in the next few weeks. The usual suspects for hot weather around here are the Livermore area, Gilroy/Morgan Hill, and Napa County. For Cat-3 Distance Training riders, we've got rides coming up that go to both Gilroy and Livermore; sure enough, last year's Livermore ride had temperatures above 100 degrees.

Being unprepared for heat can really ruin your week on the ride. Find out now what it's like, and learn how to deal with the heat. Here is a story by a desert commuter who regularly cycles in 120-degree temperatures.

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