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Ride to the Calaveras Reservoir

Here's another pointer to an excellent training ride that's coming up this weekend. On Sunday, Randy Files will lead his Sunnyvale Cat-2 group into the East Bay and up the hills into the area around Calaveras Reservoir. It's a somewhat challenging 80-mile ride, but if you're up for the challenge the day after doing our century, it should be a very scenic (and warm) ride.

I've offered Calaveras rides in previous years, but it's just not on the agenda this time around, so this is probably your only chance this season to get an official ALC training ride to that destination. (And Randy will even have a SAG vehicle!) Unlike my rides, however, Randy is leading the group up Calaveras in the easier direction (from north to south), meaning that you'll have a steep, brake-burning descent into Milpitas.

Cat-3 riders are always welcome on Randy's ride, but you can also use the opportunity to ride at the slower Cat-2 pace if you wish. Details and RSVP are here.

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