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It can happen without warning

On the part of Highway 9 that we rode Saturday afternoon, a tragic incident occurred the next day. KCBS radio reports:
24-year-old Ashley Jackson of the Alto Velo cycling team was riding in the bike lane on Highway 9 toward Los Gatos with her boyfriend and cycling coach, Dave Nelson, when Nelson said they were both hit from behind by a late-model, silver, 4-door BMW 7 Series sedan. "I can't even speak the words of what this person did," said Nelson. "You can ruin someone's life by one action and not even care to stop."

Nelson said it appears the car's right mirror clipped Jackon and knocked her to the ground. "The car comes flying through, by me, grazes me with the broken mirror, hits me with his broken mirror, kind of shocks you, wondering what he's doing. At that point, I have to turn around and see my girlfriend laying in the road. She's crumpled up and hit by this car." Jackson was knocked unconscious, with a broken collarbone and a serious brain injury.

The Mercury News adds, just in case anyone was wondering:
The two were cycling together, he said, single-file in the bike lane, with helmets on.

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