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Saturday weather first look

Hrmph. I thought we were done with this for the season.

We're back into one of those who-knows patterns where the three major forecasts (Weather Underground, AccuWeather, and The Weather Channel) all say different things for Saturday, ranging from a 10% to a 40% chance of rain. Some say the rain arrives Friday night; others say Saturday night. I've pretty much given up trying to work these things out in advance this season.

But there is one important thing this week -- the reason why I'm taking time here to post this. Because our ride this weekend goes on technically difficult mountain roads and coastal highways with heavy traffic, the threshold for not doing this ride will be lower than usual. We won't ride this route if the roads in the mountains and along the coast are wet, even if it might not be raining at the exact time we pass through. It's too close to Day 1 to put us needlessly at risk of serious injury.

If that happens, however, I'll have an alternate ride (same place, same time) ready to go if things aren't a total washout here on the bay side of the hills. Of course, it won't have 5,400 feet of climbing.

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