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Every little bit helps

Instead of having a big dinner out on the weekend as I sometimes do, I just treated myself to a take-out Italian entree instead ... and donated the difference to my ride.

It might not seem like much, but in this extraordinarily challenging fundraising season, every little bit can help make a difference. I'm now just slightly over halfway to the $3,000 minimum that I am obligated to raise for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and we're down to the final two months of fundraising. (Donations that come in after mid-May might not be processed in time to count for the ride.) No matter the size, every donation matters -- and smaller donations can add up quickly to make a big impact.

In my four years with AIDS/LifeCycle, I've met many truly special people, some of whom depend on the foundation for essential services. The ride is for them ... and for everyone else, too, because we all have a stake in ending HIV and AIDS.

I know we're all freaked out over the economy right now; I certainly am. But I'm really not asking for much: If just 25 20 more people each do twice what I did tonight -- forgo one nice evening out -- then I will reach my $3,000 minimum and will be allowed to ride on May 31. But don't do it for me, because this isn't about me. Instead, do it for the people who need our help more than ever during these uncertain times.

Find out more about the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. And then, please give what you can to help.

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