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Saturday weather first look

Amazing! Looks like we've got a Saturday where I won't have to spend the whole week watching the ever-changing forecasts. This Saturday appears to be partly cloudy and cool, with highs hovering around 60 degrees. Ride-out temperatures will be chilly, though, probably in the low 40s, so dress in layers.

A great day for a ride! We've got a 76-mile ride planned, but there are many ways to cut some of the distance.

The easiest way (and the one that's on the route map) is to ride the first 40 miles and then take VTA light rail back to downtown Mountain View. The train ride is slow and requires a transfer, but it'll take you and your bike back to within three blocks of the meeting point for only $1.75.

You can reduce the ride to about 45 miles by riding as far as Rest Stop 1 and then riding the rest of the route back from there. This is handy because the route goes by Rest Stop 1 on the way back. (If you hang around the rest stop for a while, you might even link up with some of our faster riders on their way back.)

Or if you're feeling like 70 miles but not 76, you can bail out early on the return trip up Foothill Expressway.

With all of the rainy weekends in recent weeks, I know a lot of folks are behind on their training. But if you're a Cat-3 rider, don't let that keep you from joining us this Saturday. Details and RSVP are here.

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