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Saturday morning weather update

Good morning, riders!

Today's ride is ON.

Although a couple of forecast models continue to say we might get wet, most folks are saying that our part of the Bay Area will be dry until early evening.

Part of our route involves riding down the moderately steep hill on Edgewood Road from the I-280 junction. There's a rocky hillside immediately adjacent to the bike lane, and it's possible that the rain will cause rocks to be in our path. It's easy to quickly build up speed on this hill, so be especially careful when descending Edgewood! Also be careful in shady areas, and watch out for debris such as tree branches and large accumulations of leaves.

It's possible that we'll encounter a few light sprinkles during the ride, so bring a jacket. The good news is that the overcast conditions kept the temperature up overnight, and it's in the low 50s even before sunrise -- but it won't get much warmer than that during the day.

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