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Evil Twins in April?

The past two years, I've offered a Quadbuster training ride in the spring. Both years, however, bad things have happened, so the superstitious side of me has decided not to offer the ride this year.

However, in discussions with another training ride leader, an interesting possibility arose: What about a training ride to the Evil Twins? That's the set of hills west of Paso Robles, the beginning of Day 4 of the ride -- the long climb that culminates in the triumph, hustle, and bustle of "Half Way To L.A." (pictured at right, in a behind-the-scenes view you don't usually see in all the pretty photos). At an elevation of 1,762 feet above sea level, it's the highest point on the whole ride, and if the skies are clear, we get a breathtaking view of Morro Bay and the ocean.

Paso Robles is just about equidistant from the Bay Area and Southern California, a drive of about three hours one-way. We'd have an appropriately late start time (perhaps around noon), and the ride is about 35 miles round-trip with about 2,800 feet of total climbing. (It's quite hilly but not extremely steep.) If we rode on a Sunday, that would give folks a chance to drive there the night before, but then you'd have to drive back right after the ride. Also, there are limited services (read "none") along the route, so you would need to bring enough stuff -- including liquids -- to be self-sufficient for the entire ride.

Update: Folks have correctly pointed out that Sunday, April 12, just happens to be Easter, thus making it not the best day to schedule this ride. Saturday the 11th seems to be working for folks, though, so if we go ahead with the ride, this looks like the more likely day.

So I'll put it in your hands. Here's an unscientific, nonbinding poll.

Would you be interested in a training ride from Paso Robles to the top of Evil Twins?
Yes, on a Saturday (April 11?)
Yes, on a Sunday (April 12?)
Other (leave comments)

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