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Good morning, riders!

We have a fantastic day of riding ahead of us. Temperatures are expected to rise into the 60s, but we'll still be hovering somewhere in the upper 40s at ride-out time, so it's important to cover your knees and probably your legs, too. Knees are much more susceptible to injury in cooler temperatures. If you have them, today is a great day to put on the removable knee or leg warmers.

If you'd like to ride with us today but didn't RSVP, no worries. Just go read the description at the ride page, and if you can, print a copy of the route sheet to bring with you. And if you've never been to our meeting location before, note that we do not actually meet at the Caltrain station; we're in the overflow parking lot three blocks away, on the other side of Castro Street. (That's a common mistake that first-timers on Mountain View rides have made.)

Just think ... we're only 18 weeks away from our 200-kilometer ride!

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