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Today's ride is ON

Good morning, riders!

The hour-by-hour forecast from The Weather Channel suggests that there is practically no chance of rain in Mountain View at ride-out time, with the chance increasing to just 30% by 2 p.m. Temperatures should rise into the low 50s, so it will be cool but not horribly cold.

There are two rest stops on today's ride -- one in Newark, and one in Milpitas -- and while it's important that you take both rest stops, it's also very important today that you not linger at the stops. The quicker we get back to Mountain View, the less chance of rain we face. Also, the winds today will be opposite to what we normally face on this route, with a light breeze from the south-southeast. If you're familiar with this route, you know that the East Bay part of this trip often benefits from a strong tailwind, but that won't be the case today.

Please try to be at the meeting location by 9:30 a.m., so we can ride out on time. And if this is your first ride from Mountain View, remember that we meet at the overflow parking lot three blocks northwest of the Caltrain station, not at the station itself.

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