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Sunday weather update

It's looking iffy for Sunday's ride, but we've learned many times before that weather forecasts around here can be wildly wrong.

One thing is for certain: A cold, wet storm is approaching. The two question marks: when the worst part of it will get here, and how strong the storm will be. There's still some disagreement on those points; one forecast says during the day on Sunday (which would be bad for us), but another forecast says Sunday night (which means we might be able to ride).

Here's a reminder (posted before) about what "rain cancels" means and what happens when rain is likely on ride day:

-- A sprinkle or two is not "rain."

-- If the roads are wet enough that water splashes up from your rear tire onto your butt and jersey, that is "rain."

-- About two hours before meeting time, I start checking the radar to see what's approaching. If a total washout is near-certain (i.e., the radar is an explosion of color), I may decide to cancel the ride then. Either way, I will post an update to this blog. If you have access to the net in the morning, please check first before calling me, because I'm probably busy getting ready for the ride myself!

-- If a ride is still possible, I continue to check the radar, especially over our entire ride route, since we usually travel across more than one of the Bay Area's many microclimates. As meeting time nears, I may still decide to cancel the ride. If so, I'll always post a notice to this blog.

-- Even if a ride is cancelled, I will always show up at the meeting point at the designated time. And I might not make the decision on whether to cancel until after I have arrived at the meeting point, depending on what the weather is doing.

-- If a ride is cancelled, some riders may choose to individually ride the designated route. These rides are strictly unofficial and are not sanctioned or controlled by ALC. You can use our route sheets, but you're probably on your own.

Safety is always our first priority, and it's best to err on the side of caution. There will be another day to ride.

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