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Ride report: Early-Bird Ride #1 (12/5/2010)

Go, riders!

Today we learned that a 70% chance of rain does not always mean a washout. Our intrepid group of 15 riders (plus awesome support from Dennis) braved only a couple of scattered raindrops on our 22-mile ride from Mountain View to Cupertino and back, the first official Mountain View training ride of the ALC10 season. The skies sure looked ominous at times, but we got lucky and dodged the rain.

Although the ride was officially a Cat-2 (10-12 mph pace), the threat of rain served as a fantastic motivator, bumping everyone's speed up a couple of notches and getting everyone back to Mountain View in less than two hours. Good thing, too -- just 20 minutes after the end of the ride, a heavy shower drenched downtown!

Everyone on today's ride was a veteran ALCer, so you already know the drill about the new season, getting (back) up to speed, proper nutrition, and stretching. If you've been off the bike for a few months, don't overextend yourself early in the season. And get back in the habit of eating properly before, during, and after your rides.

Our next scheduled ride is next Sunday, when we'll take a 32-mile trip up and over Mount Eden into Saratoga. Details and RSVP are here. The Distance Training rides begin Saturday, January 15, with a 40-mile ride to and around Woodside. Go here to learn more about what's planned for this season's Distance Training rides.

Welcome to our new season, and thank you for being part of AIDS/LifeCycle.