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We will try to ride today

This is a tough call. Heavy rain has moved through overnight, but the radar currently suggests that only a couple small bands of rain are left off the coast and set to move through in the next few hours. Since this ride is "heavy rain cancels," and since heavy rain appears unlikely at the moment, we'll try to do the ride, or at least some part of it. Everyone seems to agree that the chances of rain decrease as the day goes on.

But conditions might change in the next three hours, so we will see what happens when we gather. Here are the possibilities:
-- We delay our ride-out if it's raining at 10 a.m. but appears to be short-lived.
-- We ride only part of our scheduled route.
-- We get to Mountain View and decide things have turned sour, so we cancel.

See you in Mountain View at 9:30. Dress appropriately, and bring a change of clothes with you so that you won't need to drive home wet.

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