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Trying to make sense of another stormy weekend?

The National Weather Service has some optimistic news in their latest forecast discussion:
Best chances of showers on Saturday will be in areas closer to the low center (i.e., the southern part of our forecast area). In fact... the 00z models indicate the North Bay will be mostly dry on Saturday. Clearing will then occur on Saturday night ... . After the morning fog clears...Sunday will be a mostly sunny and mild day with highs mostly in the lower to middle 60s.

So, if the forecast is to be believed, North Bay rides (here, here, and here) are probably safe. Peninsula and East Bay rides (here and here) might see a few scattered showers, and the first Hollister ride of the season (here, the one I'm scheduled to ride) ... well, maybe not looking so good. And look for a bit of northwest wind just about everywhere.

And Sunday looks good all around! So get out there and ride this weekend.

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