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So I haven't said anything for a few days ...

... ever since I came down with that nasty case of whatever it was. In the end, I was sidelined for seven days, with a fever that reached nearly 104 degrees at one point, followed by a day of hypothermia-esque conditions where I couldn't get much above 96. Even now, 10 days later, I'm still coughing a bit more than usual, and the store-brand NyQuil that I've been taking at night has been leaving me with a nasty hangover in the mornings. Nothing like this has happened to me in more than 20 years, and I don't wish it on anyone.

But all was not lost. On Sunday, I got on my bike for a mostly flat 27-mile ride around Mountain View. And today, I managed 30 mildly hilly miles up to Woodside and back. My speed is quite a ways down from where it had been, and the hills certainly feel more challenging than they did, too. The good news, however, is that I did not need to take any breaks during today's ride, so there's still a little hint of "endurance" sitting inside me.

That's the big question, though. We start riding to Los Angeles in just 26 days. The last seven or so of those days are off-the-bike days in preparation for the ride. That leaves me less than three weeks to get ready. Aieeeeee! (Not to mention that I'm supposedly helping lead a 200-kilometer ride a week from Saturday.)

I'm beginning to mentally prepare for the possibility of not riding Every Friendly Inch this year. As much as I've counseled that such a thing is perfectly OK, it's tough to accept that for oneself. On the other hand, I might be able to train my way back to near my previous level, and my condition might be just fine come May 31. My biggest enemy right now is time -- truly long rides just aren't possible during the week, and I'm in the same position as many others that this challenging economic and employment climate doesn't allow for casual days off for long rides. I have my weekends cut out for me -- and I still have to be super-careful, because if I go back at this too intensely, I run the risk of becoming sick again.

Every season seems to have its challenges. This season seems to be overflowing with them.

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khang said...

you will be fine. your muscles have memonries. they dont just forget that fast. i thought i just want to share my story about my bike crash about 2 months ago. so my ALC 8 is out. it happened on a bike path on my way back to orinda bart station. it was on 3/8/09. i broke bones C7(my neck)T4 (back) and 8 ribs. it was the worse crash ever. they kept me in the hospital for 4 days. i had to wear my neck brace for 6 weeks. i'm healed now. believe or not, i went on a short ride from sf sport basement to tiburon (30 mile loop) two weeks ago. i ran into alot ALC8 folks who were doing the "day on the ride". i felt fine when i got home. i thought i would die but i didnt.
anyway, i missed cat 3 ride this year. i guess i see you next year.