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Saturday's ride is *cancelled*

I've taken the unusual step of cancelling our ride nearly 24 hours in advance. I've done this for a couple of very important reasons:

-- First and foremost is safety. With rain expected to continue throughout the night on Friday, there is too much risk of unsafe conditions on the narrow rural roads in southern Santa Clara County that we would use on this ride. If the rain were to resume while we were down there, we could have been facing as much as 55 miles of rainy, chilly riding -- which doesn't do anyone any good this late in the training season.

-- Second is consideration for your time. Because the ride had such an early meeting time, it's not fair to ask people to wake up at 4 a.m. on Saturday to check on ride status. By making this call now, you can make alternate plans for Saturday -- and if the weather does hold up for at least part of the day, then it will be possible for you to get in a shorter ride elsewhere during the day.

If you really feel like you must do this ride Saturday, then you're welcome to print a route sheet and ride unofficially on your own. It's entirely possible that you might have an OK day. But if you do attempt the ride, such a decision is completely on your own, and AIDS/LifeCycle neither encourages, sanctions, nor supports such a ride.

My apologies to everyone who really wanted to do this ride. Let's look ahead to the 16th, when we're still on target to ride our double metric century.

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