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Today's ride is *on*

Good morning, riders!

We are ON for our 63-mile ride to Sunol today.

The forecasts are all over the place on this one. The latest statement from the National Weather Service now says that the rain will start in the North Bay by midday, not late this afternoon as they originally said. However, The Weather Channel and AccuWeather now say there's only a 10% chance of showers in our area throughout the afternoon.

Temperatures should reach the lower 60s, so we won't be cold -- but bring a light jacket anyway just in case the weather pixies haven't told us the truth. The other important advice for today: Do not linger at the rest stops. This is our first ride of the year with three stops, and it's tempting to hang around and socialize, but we really should make every effort to get in and out of our stops and back to Mountain View. I often aim for an overall pace, counting stops, of about 10 mph, and that pace would get us back here around 3 p.m. -- probably only about an hour ahead of the showers.

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