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Storm closure: Mtn. View/Palo Alto (updated Wednesday)

From the South Bay Cycling mailing list:
The bike/ped bridge connecting Wilkie Way and Miller Avenue is quite completely blocked by a fallen tree. Because the tree is a privately owned tree, the city of Palo Alto has no intention of removing the tree; actual removal will happen whenever the tree's owner decides to remove it.

From the looks of things on Wednesday afternoon (cellphone pic by me), this path could be out of service for quite some time, especially given the budget situation. Part of the fencing along the creek has been destroyed, and I'm certain that the city can't reopen the path until there's no risk of cyclists or pedestrians falling into the water.

Folks who ride our Mountain View training rides will recognize this location as a frequently visited spot. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I might have to reroute some upcoming rides. The safest detour, although significantly longer, involves taking Middlefield Road to and from Palo Alto.

If you're riding northbound by yourself, however, El Camino Real between Monroe and Arastradero/Charleston isn't really all that bad outside rush hours. (Southbound on El Camino Real, however, would involve a left turn across three lanes of traffic and probably isn't a good idea.)

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