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1,115 days, 40,000 miles

With my 72-mile ride to the Calaveras Reservoir on Saturday, I crossed the magical (but highly arbitrary) 40,000-mile mark for cycling since June 1, 2004, the day I bought my next-to-current bike.

Out of those 2,447 days, I rode on 1,115 (45%) of them. When I did ride, my daily average was about 35.9 miles per ride. That seems quite high, and it's because the results are skewed by five ALC rides (35 days of huge mileage). Here's a chronological chart of the distance on each ride; you can clearly see the ramping up to several ALCs, and it's fun to see how the maximum distances erupted in just the past couple of years:

Or, in a table:

Ride distanceNumber of rides

(And if you're wondering why I've only got three rides in the 120-140 range, it's because I was an embarrassing DNF on the second annual Altamont Pass Double Metric in 2009.)

So, no great insights from any of this. But you'd think I would have mastered proper nutrition by now, especially having heard the same (quite good) presentation about half a dozen times.