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Seismic Challenge 2.0: The weather forecast

Final update Friday morning

Over in ALC world, legendary rider Bob Katz has become known for posting advance weather forecasts before each year's ride. While I can't promise the same exemplary service as Bob, we're now within the two-week window where the weather forecasting services are starting to offer their predictions for this year's ride.

Here are specific to-the-hour predictions on what conditions will be like at each of the major stops, at the time most riders probably will pass through. There is currently no chance of rain anywhere along the route!

Of course, things can and do change, so take nothing here as certain. Also, the many Bay Area microclimates are notoriously tough to predict. But this information might help you prepare for what to pack and what to wear. My data comes from AccuWeather.

Day 1: Saturday, Oct. 17

7 a.m. in San Francisco: 59F, humidity 100%, wind WSW 5 mph, partly sunny (but sure looks like dense fog)
9 a.m. in San Bruno (RS1): 61F, humidity 93%, wind WSW 7 mph, mostly cloudy
10 a.m. in Redwood City (RS2): 62F, humidity 87%, wind N 2 mph, mostly cloudy
Noon in Fremont (lunch): 69F, humidity 85%, wind NW 6 mph, mostly cloudy
2 p.m. in Castro Valley (RS3): 68F, humidity 87%, wind W 9 mph, mostly cloudy
4 p.m. in Moraga (RS4): 72F, humidity 71%, wind W 8 mph, mostly cloudy
6 p.m. in Martinez: 70F, humidity 70%, wind WSW 8 mph, mostly cloudy

Day 2: Sunday, Oct. 18

7 a.m. in Martinez: 57F, humidity 92%, wind SSW 6, partly sunny
8 a.m. in Vallejo (RS1): 57F, humidity 94%, wind WSW 6 mph, partly sunny
9 a.m. in Napa (RS2): 58F, humidity 94%, wind WSW 5 mph, mostly cloudy
11 a.m. in Sonoma (lunch): 60F, humidity 86%, wind W 5 mph, cloudy
1 p.m. in Petaluma (RS3): 61F, humidity 79%, wind WSW 7 mph, mostly cloudy
4 p.m. in San Anselmo (RS4): 65F, humidity 68%, wind SW 10 mph, mostly cloudy
6 p.m. in San Francisco: 60F, humidity 74%, wind W 18 mph, partly sunny

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