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Princesses: Never too early to book those rooms

Last year, I waited too long (until November) to book my two nights of motels along the route. The result was that I didn't get the motel I wanted in Paso Robles -- and I ended up in, shall we say, a less-than-satisfying lodging experience.

So today, I made my reservations for Paso Robles and Ventura. The good news is that rooms are still available at the Best Western in Paso Robles, the closest motel to the campground. In Ventura, I stayed at the Motel 6, a few minutes away from camp, and the experience was, well, Motel 6-ish, but by Day 6, Motel 6 seems like a palace of earthly delights.

Remember, of course, that ALC could possibly change camp locations (or even camp cities) for this year. But now that we're as big as we are, such major changes seem increasingly unlikely.

For first-time riders, the Princess Plan refers to spending one or more nights in motels along the route, instead of in our glorious campgrounds. There is a very unofficial website that tells more and gives detailed info for each 2008 host city.


jeanne said...

thank you for the princess info. So what is the date exactly for that booking? I am going to do the same...but I don't want to mess up on the booking date. thanks, jeanne

Chris Thomas said...

The dates for 2009 are:
May 31: Santa Cruz
June 1: King City
June 2: Paso Robles
June 3: Santa Maria
June 4: Lompoc
June 5: Ventura
June 6: Los Angeles